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By Lauren on 07/06/18 | Architecture

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) East Design Award, celebrates outstanding concepts and innovative buildings within the architectural field. For over 180 years the prestigious awards are internationally recognised as a mark of excellence within the industry.



White Heather House is a truly inspiration and deserving project Marshall Bull is exceptionally proud to have been a part of. The redeveloped Bradbury Centre, female only training and accommodation unit, provides emergency homes for vulnerable women in the York Road location of Southend-on-sea.

Architect Steve Kearney design concept and vision provided an inventive solution to the challenges of a restricted site. Positioning three new buildings around a central space maximises the available area, providing compulsory privacy, shelter and security for the residents.

Fit out of the bathrooms within White Heather House incorporated wall tiles from our District collection. Retro glazed ceramic tiles reflect light across the shower facility, naturally illuminating the area and giving the impression of a larger space. Contemporary colour is included for a modern, stylish finish, in addition to durability and resistance against continuous use and exposure to moisture.

HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity, was also awarded Client of the Year. Supporting local people to overcome homelessness, providing tailored, innovative solutions for specific groups to get the best possible results and help as many people move on as possible.

Creation of a safe and comfortable environment for those in need, such as this, was a genuinely fulfilling yet humbling experience. It provokes further discussions on using our expertise to assist those less fortune, changing their lives for the better and sequentially transforming the landscape of our town. Regeneration’s positive effect on those living in the surrounding areas and the prospect of influencing further project investment is something we are hoping will be a legacy associated with this project.