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By Lauren on 26/10/18 | Architecture

Acknowledged as the principal event for designers of ceramic products, alternative surface coverings and innovative bathroom furnishings, the international Cersaie exhibition took place from 23-27 September 2018 in Bologna, Italy.  As recurring visitors to the exhibition, Marshall Bull were eager to explore the newest ranges available to share with our clients.

The industrial, utilitarian interior design aesthetic, featuring neutral tones and rugged, raw textures shows no signs of diminishing.  Highlighting surfaces and design elements that were originally intended to be concealed, finishes of concrete, metal and distressed wood are still extremely popular across residential and commercial spaces.

As the trend continues to evolve, the introduction of movement and colour variations into the tile is becoming increasing prevalent.  From the inclusion of the 3D effect of a concrete cast in the form-work to reinforced concrete, complete with rusted iron bars, concrete concepts are beginning to relax and replicate the material as it would behave and change, naturally over time. This is also exhibited in metal style ceramics.  By replicating the oxidising effects on metal continuously exposed to the elements, the stark, tough expression of metal is tempered and softened.  Imitating oxidisation invites different shades of blue, orange and rust to the tile surface, making each tile fascinatingly unique.

Perhaps as a response to the industrial inclination, or even as a compliment to it, warm colours and inviting textures have been prominent at Cersaie this year.   As manufacturing techniques and 3D printing capability continue to develop across the construction industry, the intricacies of design and possibilities of pattern are boundless.  Combining sophisticated patterns with warm, earthy shades like clay, tan and caramel, compels the viewer to touch the piece.  The 3D surface adds dimensions with light and shadow making the material tactile and welcoming. 

Tile manufacturers are now expanding their service offerings with bespoke, tailored furniture manufactured from a variety of porcelain finishes consistent with floor and wall tile collections.  Offering a holistic design service including wet room and bathroom furniture is something Marshall Bull will be offering in the coming months.  Whether it is a coordinating or contrasting concept, we can now assist with designing your entire bathroom, creating a unique space adapted to suit your needs and style aspirations.