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Ink Art

Post-industrial collection Ink Art combines textures of metal and cement for a modern, stylish aesthetic.  Variations in tile face and reflection of light makes this collection unique from any angle and creates a perfect canvas for unique styles.
Available in three shades and thicknesses of 6.5mm and 7.4mm to suit any space. 

Natural Finish
2600x1200x6.5mm / 2600x600x6.5mm / 1200x1200x6.5mm

Satin Finish
900x900x7.4mm / 900x450x7.4mm / 600x300x7.4mm

Anti-Slip Finish
600x300x7.4mm (Nero and Bianco only)
1000x500x20mm (Nero only)

Sizes Available


Colours Available