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Oakbloc rediscovers the exquisite beauty of oak wood, meticulously reproduced in large planks in a variety of sizes. This porcelain stoneware tile possesses key attributes of stability, strength, and flexibility, making it a versatile choice for many spaces. Three surfaces offer a contemporary and authentically natural interpretation of wood.

The uniformity of large planks in Constant, complete with subtle shading, created by tone-on-tone veining, infuses the surface with warmth and serene graphic movement.

Shades takes inspiration from antique floorboards salvaged from old farmhouses, faithfully reproducing the effects of aging through cracks, plastering, and mottling effects.

The remarkable realism of Distressed amplifies its sensory appeal, creating a 3D effect that faithfully mirrors the wood it draws inspiration from. This enhances both colours and textures, providing an authentic experience that is perceptible to both touch and sight.

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